Saturday, March 20, 2010


Monday Makenzie was babysitting the boys while Blue and I went to get our trailer inspected so we could register it so that we were all ready to go camping on Wednesday. We get a call from Makenzie in a panic asking us if we are almost home. I calmly ask why and she proceeds to tell me that Zach has thrown something at Ty and he has blood all over his face, all over his hands and all over his is dripping everywhere. I cannot believe that I actually stayed as calm as I did but I explained to her that it could just be a little cut because head wounds bleed ALOT. I told her to get a rag and put it on his head to see if she could stop the bleeding. As she did that, I told Blue to call Kaitlyn (that was at the school playing basketball with a friend) to come home and help. Makenzie got all calmed down and got the bleeding stopped. They got the carpet (kind of) cleaned up. Blue and I got home about 20 minutes later and I took him in for stitches. He was a total goofball running around the ER...we kept getting pushed back because others that were more serious than my hyper child kept coming in. I told him that he needed to act like he was really hurting so that we could get in. He did great!

He freaked out a little bit when they went to put some medicine and a wrap on his head until I told him that he was a "blue mummy" and then he was totally okay with is all in the presentation!

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