Friday, March 26, 2010

Sincere prayers and a black room

I just got done tucking the boys into bed and Zach says his prayers...nothing out of the ordinary. Then it is Ty's turn..."please bless my dad that is still at work, Dad will get me Sonic, Dad will get me a Purple Slushy. Bless Mom. I go to track practice tomorrow and mom get me Chic-fil-a and Sonic tomorrow." He doesn't ask for much!

After his prayers he tells me that he needs some black paint and makes a spraying noise like a can of spray paint. I ask him what he needs black paint for and he starts pointing at his bedroom walls. I tell him that there is NO WAY he is getting his walls painted black and he starts arguing with me in this whiny voice. Than Zach starts getting all worked up, saying that he doesn't want to have black painted walls. I tried to assure Zach and not totally dash all of Ty's hopes before I walked out of the room and turned out the lights. Oh the drama! I may have to go back up because I can still hear them arguing!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Zach's trip to the ER

A few weeks ago about midnight I heard Zach at the top of the stairs. He could hardly breathe. It totally freaked us out. I rushed him to the ER, they gave him a steroid and 2 breathing treatments and sent us on our way. CROUP! What a way to spend the evening! Poor boy!
He was totally fine the next day.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Every year for Spring Break our good friends the Richard's go camping. They invite quite a few families to go and this year was no exception. We had a big group, lots of fun, kids, basketball, relaxing, food, dirt, laughter and games! The kids had a great time. I actually had to steal some photos from Stacy of my girls because we didn't see them much unless it was time to eat...all in all a great camping trip!
Kaitlyn, Taylor, Mak, Makenzie B. Sidney, Grant playing games.
Kaitlyn and Brock...not sure if they are about to race here or what.
Darby & Kaitlyn-if you could find 1, you could find the other.
The boys favorite thing was playing in the dirt. Kept them busy for hours!
They recruited a few more as the day progressed.
Playing baseball with the Rojas'

Cookin' dinner

Mak & Taylor
Rick (better known as Papa Schroedter) was a maniac cutting firewood. Blue bought $10 worth of firewood that got us through the first night and than Rick got there...there was no more buying firewood. The first night we had to sit really close to the fire to stay warm, the second night the circle was much larger and by the third night we had an enormous bon fire that no one could stand to sit close to because it was so hot. It was a great fire! Thanks Rick, for the fires and for helping my kids cut firewood...Zach thought it was awesome!
Ty & Sidney
The "Red Head" clan
Playing games and eating.
Stacy was so good to set those stupid bowling pins up over and over and over again for Ty. He was loving bowling and then turned it into boxing...hope Stacy doesn't have too many bruises!
I know that I have posted this statement before but here it is again...
Blue is the Man!
Yes, he came through with helping all of the guys to see the March Madness basketball games that they NEEDED to see. It was hilarious to watch them all huddled around a 19 inch TV.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Houston Rodeo and Lady Antebellum

Well, because we spent 4 hours in the ER getting stitches we almost missed the rodeo and the concert...but we got there just in time for the bull riding. The kids had a great time!

Lady Antebellum

Ty did his usual "freak out" from the noise...

but... didn't last long! He was rockin' out in about 5 minutes. We were all totally cracking up watching him. The boys both loved the concert.
This was our first time as a family going to the rodeo. It was great! Stacy, thanks for all of your great ideas for family fun! We had a blast!


Monday Makenzie was babysitting the boys while Blue and I went to get our trailer inspected so we could register it so that we were all ready to go camping on Wednesday. We get a call from Makenzie in a panic asking us if we are almost home. I calmly ask why and she proceeds to tell me that Zach has thrown something at Ty and he has blood all over his face, all over his hands and all over his is dripping everywhere. I cannot believe that I actually stayed as calm as I did but I explained to her that it could just be a little cut because head wounds bleed ALOT. I told her to get a rag and put it on his head to see if she could stop the bleeding. As she did that, I told Blue to call Kaitlyn (that was at the school playing basketball with a friend) to come home and help. Makenzie got all calmed down and got the bleeding stopped. They got the carpet (kind of) cleaned up. Blue and I got home about 20 minutes later and I took him in for stitches. He was a total goofball running around the ER...we kept getting pushed back because others that were more serious than my hyper child kept coming in. I told him that he needed to act like he was really hurting so that we could get in. He did great!

He freaked out a little bit when they went to put some medicine and a wrap on his head until I told him that he was a "blue mummy" and then he was totally okay with is all in the presentation!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Zach's 3rd Birthday

Zach is 3! He got this orange hat for Christmas from his cousin Shad and he wears it all of the time so for his birthday cake we decided to try to make him an orange hat. He loved it! I can't believe that our baby is 3!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Makenzie's 11th Birthday

I know, Makenzie's birthday was back in November but I am doing a little bit of catching up right now!

She had an interesting birthday. Kaitlyn had a volleyball game and so she decided that she wanted to stay home and decorate her own cake and then we would come home and have a party. She LOVES the show Ace of Cakes, and has seen it a ton of times so she went to work creating her masterpiece. She redid it a few times and I think had a good time doing it!
She did a great job!