Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pinewood Derby

One of the great things about Cub Scouts is the Pinewood Derby! When Blue and I started talking about helping Ty with his car I suggested flying my Dad down to help...he has it down to a science. Blue didn't quite think that was a great idea. He wasn't sure that a Pinewood Derby race was worth $350! So Blue (and Ty) built his car and I helped with the decoration. He seemed to have a great time, he was pretty excited about the race but if you ask him if he had fun he says, "No, I lost!". He came in first in his first race and then got second in the next 2 races. Blue really thought that Ty would not care if he won or lost but Blue apparently was WRONG! He was not happy! Blue missed the whole thing because he was out of town for work. Darn it!
Ty sporting his car. Makenzie helped him get dressed and that is why his shirt is buttoned up wrong. Thanks for the help Mak!
Ty's license plate.
So excited about his first race that he got 1st place in.
Not as excited getting 2nd...
He was very excited to show off his car and strut his stuff.

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  1. O I love that kid, what a cute boy. I love the shirt! Great job on the decals Sher :)