Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hunter the Dog!

Having a dog is just like having another child, they are a lot of work! I often complain about the dog because it seems like it is always me that ends up taking care of him. I often say that I am ready to get rid of him, like one day he dove down to the bottom of our pool, retrieved the pool cleaner, chewed the heck out of it and made it flood our back yard. I was ready! Then I realize how much joy he brings to my children! He really is a great puppy!

Ty's favorite thing...getting kisses from Hunter. I often find him laying on the floor by Hunter laughing hysterically, he loves him so much!

Zach loves the dog too but in a different way...Zach loves to torment Hunter! He loves to ride him, pull his mouth open, pull his tail, and jump on him just to name a few! For being only 1 year old he really is a very tolerant dog!

The girls love playing with him too! They love getting him all riled up and excited.

He really is a good dog!

Kaitlyn Volleyball

Kaitlyn had never played volleyball but decided to try out for the 7th Grade team. She made the B Team which was amazing since there were over 100 girls that tried out. I think that she gets my vote for most improved player, she really figured it out and was fun to watch this season.

She didn't want me to put this picture on but I thought it was so cute! She was talking trash with some boys across the gym.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Blue is finally done with school...Yippee!!! This was his last weekend in Miami and he is done. He was supposed to stay all weekend but because the kids had their Primary Presentation he came home on Saturday night instead of Sunday. So, because he missed his final party I decided to throw him a party. I invited a few of our friends to Perry's Steakhouse to surprise him. It was such a great surprise, he absolutely loved it!
Perry's was so great!
It was so nice of so many of our friends to come out even though it was so late!

Makenzie's Power Graduation

Makenzie is the Student Council President at her school this year and because of this she and her officers got to lead everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. She thought she was pretty cool!

She received an award for having the most sticker points in her class. They receive stickers for doing nice things for others and for participating in class.


Makenzie with Officer Grima

Ben, Mrs. Keithan (principal), Tanner and Makenzie
Ben and Tanner are 2 of Makenzie's best friends. They are great!

Cole, Makenzie, Ben and Richie
Yes, she is a head taller than all of the boys!

And, I am almost a head taller than her. She does wear a size larger shoe than me already!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Buddy Walk

Houston Down Syndrome Buddy Walk 2009

Our first ever Buddy Walk! What an emotional day! We had the Richards, Fairwell's, Campbell's, Harris' and the Truax's come and walk with us. They are great friends and we really appreciate their support! We were able to raise $5,000.

I did not expect to get so emotional but as soon as we pulled into the parking garage there was a girl with down syndrome that was walking with her mom smiling and waving and I just lost it!

Ty's Awesome Team!

We walked into the park where the walk is being held and there were all of these volunteers lining the side walk cheering and giving high fives. Ty was eating it up. It was a great welcome but very emotional.

It was so amazing to see all of the volunteers that came out just for our kids and to show their support for this great cause...it brings me to tears just thinking about!

They did a really cool thing where all the kids got tattoos that said "My name is...If I'm lost call...." It was great in theory...Zach had his rubbed off about 2 minutes later! He is such a punk!


Zach & Ty with their balloon animals.

Our neighbor's The Campbell's are amazing. They came out to support us even though they are dealing with so much stuff. Ben is fighting a battle with cancer right now and is absolutely amazing! They go to Disney World on Tuesday for their "Make a Wish". He has kept such a positive attitude about everything!

Scott & Zach

Spencer & Ty

Spencer, Darby and Makenzie

Zach wanted to go home! He is something else when he makes up his mind that he wants to go home. We had a few melt downs before it even started. The place was packed with people...over 3,300 walkers. It was the biggest that they have ever had. I think they have out grown their space! So, I think Zach might be a little claustrophobic!

The walk started in the Jones plaza and followed along Buffalo Bayou. It was a great day, we could not have asked for better weather!

Makenzie & Ty

Kaitlyn & Susan

Zach thought it was a run.
We were all amazed with his stamina after seeing all of his melt downs just 30 minutes prior!

Volunteers lined the path handing out high fives and yelling encouragement.

The kids had a great time running up the slanted walls and walking on top of the walls.

Robert, Darby, Zach & Makenzie

Makenzie, Zach & Darby

Darby and Kaitlyn

At the end the kids were handed out medals by police and firemen.
Ty really is a winner and a champion to us! We can't imagine our life without that kid!

After the walk, we enjoyed lunch at the Hard Rock.

Some of us enjoyed it more than others.

We had an amazing day and are so grateful for the support that our great friends give to us! They really are amazing! A special thanks to Stacy for taking so many pictures. My camera decided to throw a fit and not work.
We are also so grateful for those that donated to this great cause we couldn't have made it to our goal without them.