Friday, March 26, 2010

Sincere prayers and a black room

I just got done tucking the boys into bed and Zach says his prayers...nothing out of the ordinary. Then it is Ty's turn..."please bless my dad that is still at work, Dad will get me Sonic, Dad will get me a Purple Slushy. Bless Mom. I go to track practice tomorrow and mom get me Chic-fil-a and Sonic tomorrow." He doesn't ask for much!

After his prayers he tells me that he needs some black paint and makes a spraying noise like a can of spray paint. I ask him what he needs black paint for and he starts pointing at his bedroom walls. I tell him that there is NO WAY he is getting his walls painted black and he starts arguing with me in this whiny voice. Than Zach starts getting all worked up, saying that he doesn't want to have black painted walls. I tried to assure Zach and not totally dash all of Ty's hopes before I walked out of the room and turned out the lights. Oh the drama! I may have to go back up because I can still hear them arguing!