Monday, March 1, 2010

Dinner in the Penthouse

I had to copy this from my friend Stacy's Blog...but will add my 2 cents...


At this point in the trip, we've had an amazing dinner on a cliff and spent a day boating next to whales and have assumed that we have experienced the best Cabo has to offer. We were looking forward to relaxing by the pool and finding a decent place to eat.
York had gone off to nap and Blue had decided to work out in the gym. Sherlyn and I were laying by the pool talking about the last few things we needed to do before we left. At the top of the list was watching the sunset. I had been looking up at the top of our hotel at some beautiful flowers and some awnings, wondering what was up there and thinking it would be a great place to view the sunset. Blue came by and I casually mentioned to him that he needed to figure out how to get us up there, thinking he would find a staircase or something. He left, leaving us with no indication of doing what I'd asked.
A few minutes later he came back telling me to go tell York that he'd gotten us dinner in the penthouse and we had to decide quick if we were in or out and to meet us in his room so we could order our dinners. I was freaking out a little thinking York was going to kill me when he saw the bill for the penhouse and a little worried about what I'd gotten myself into.
I ran to tell York and suprisingly enough, he agreed! I've got to get this man on vacation more often!
We then met the chef himself in the Jenkins' room where we placed our orders. The chef and our very own waiter met us a little later in the penthouse, waiting on us hand and foot.
Fabulous views of our hotel all over again.

And the beautiful sunset we'd been waiting for.

The penthouse was gorgeous.

"The Man" himself. He knows how to pull some strings.

What we didn't know, aside from being a completely cool experience, was that it would be the best meal we'd have the entire trip. I will be dreaming about that dinner for the rest of my life.

Sitting in the hot tub, overlooking the hotel grounds and the ocean.
The lesson to learn from this is...JUST ASK! We asked our waiter if they rented the penthouse out for dinner often, and he said we were the first.

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  1. Okay so, I am totally digging the title of this post, "dinner in the penthouse" it's a normal occurrence....ha! ha! Looks like you had a wonderful da man Blue!